1. "Next Generation Solvents,2.0"Ethan Mueller, KYZEN
  2. "USAF Dynamic Breathing Simulator" - David Mohl, USAF, AFRL, 711 HPW, Wright-Patterson AFB OH
  3. "Capturing Cost Savings During Solvent Uncertainty" – Beth Bivins, KYZEN
  4. "Next-Generation HCFO Solvent, AMOLEA" – Tsuyoshi Hanada, AGC Inc.
  5. "Progress Update on OBOGS Chemical Challenge Test Rig and Future MIL-STD-3050 chemical protection testing capabilities" - Dr. Leah Eller, Naval Air Warfare Center- Aircraft Division (NAWC-AD)
  6. "Next Generation On-Board Oxygen Generating System (OBOGS)" - George Miller - USAF, AFRL, 711 HPW, Wright-Patterson AFB OH.
  7. "MIL-STD-3050B Update" - John Plaga, USAF AFLCMC/EZFC. Wright-Patterson AFB OH
  8. "MIL-STD-3050A Q&A Panel" – John Plaga (USAF), George Miller (USAF), and Dr. Dan Warkander (USN Contractor)
  9. "Liquid Oxygen Aircrew Life Support Systems and New Developments" – Brad Schaefer and Stephen Wyatt, Essex Industries
  10. "MIL-E-18927E, General Requirements for Aircraft Environmental Control Systems (ECS): Suggested Improvements" – George Miller and Maj Derek Wibben, USAF, AFRL, 711 HPW, Wright-Patterson AFB OH
  11. "Oxygen Storage and Supply for Closed-Circuit Breathing Apparatus" - Rohan D. Fernando, CDC
  12. "Pilot Breathing Air Quality Sampling System for Ground Engine Runs" - Mark Aaron Hawkins/Dr. Christin Duran, USAF, AFRL, 711 HPW, Wright-Patterson AFB OH
  13. "Digital Twin Modeling – Oxygen Systems" Brandon Demerath/Steve Peake, Eaton

Presentations from OSCG 2023