Presentations from the 2019 OSCG Meeting: 

01_Learning from the Israeli Experience in Shaping the Future of Combat Oxygen Therapy, Dr. Ben Alkahe and Guy Melamed

02_An Overview of US Army and USAF Medical Oxygen System Requirements, Maj Dana Love, USAMMDA, and Dave Hefner, ACC

02_AF Ground Medical “Deployable Oxygen Systems (DOS)”, Dave Hefner

03_Return to Large Scale Combat Operations, Why the Army Requires Adaptable Oxygen Systems, Dr. Jonathan Fruendt, Army Capabilities Development Integration Directorate

04_MIL-STD-3050 Aircraft Crew Breathing Systems using OBOGS, Jose Ubinas (AFLCMC/EZFC)

05_Carbon Monoxide Removal, Nigel Lovett, Honeywell Aerospace

06_Targeted Normoxia to Conserve Oxygen and Improve Outcomes for Combat Injury, Dr. Adit Ginde, University of Colorado, School of Medicine

07_Advancing Combat Casualty Care: Impact of Autonomous Medical Systems, Dario Rodriquez, AFRL/711 HPW  

08_HFO Solvent Cleaning for Life Support Systems, Joe McChesney, KYZEN

09_Solvent Replacement for Cleaning Breathing Oxygen Components and Systems, Kami Carter, NAVAIR

10_Application of Aqueous Cleaning for Oxygen Service Systems, Yangsheng Zhang, BHC Inc

11_Inspiring Innovation: Making Oxygen Treatment for CO Poisoning More Effective, Derek Watt and Vepeson Wijeya, Thornhill Research

12_Parachutist Oxygen Delivery System (PODS), Mark Michel, U.S. Army Special Operations Command (Airborne)

13_Automated Backup Oxygen System, Angela Orton, Honeywell Aerospace

14_The OBOGS Digital Twin, a Method of Improved Development, John Dalton and William Kester, Siemens Digital Industries 

15_Oxygen Safety, Stephen Peralta and Jonathan Tylka, NASA White Sands

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