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Presentations from the 2015 OSCG Meeting: 

2015 Attendee List 

OSCG Charter Review

Army Medical Oxygen Requirements - Bill Sovitsky, US Army, Medical Material Agency

OBOGS Military Standard (MIL-STD-3050) - George Miller, US Air Force, 711th Human Performance Wing

Enroute Care and Airworthiness Research and Testing - Bobby Bowers, US Army Aeromedical Research Laboratory

Advancements in Oxygen Fire Risk Analysis - Gwenael Chiffoleau, PhD, WHA International

Measuring Moisture in Aviators Grade Breathing Oxygen - John Graf, NASA

HCFC-225 Solvent Replacement Project - Mark Mitchell, NASA

Typhoon Life Support Overview - Nic Green, UK Wing Commander 

Medical Oxygen Generation System - Gokhan Alptekin PhD, TDA Research, Inc.

Aviation Programs at Arizona State University - Robert Garner, PhD